Put on a fight


Since I was a child my mother always told me that I should fight for the things that I want. That it is a virtue to be brave enough to fight till the end, leaving not a single “what if” behind.

As I grew up, though, this concept seemed to get harder and harder and this can only be explained through the application of simple mathematical theory; constraints. 

The time constraint; When is the right time to stop fighting? How do you actually know that too much time has passed or that what you’re fighting for was just a moment of limited duration? What if it is the wrong timing and you just have to let go for a bit?

The feelings constraint; Putting on a fight for someone is a lot more different that putting on a fight for something. Although you can feel passionately about a skill, a goal, a job that you want to acquire, you do not get a responsive feeling that will encourage or disencourage your fight; you either want it or you don’t. However, a person that you want will get in the way of your fight in so many ways that he or she or you cannot even imagine; doubt will scream out “Give up already!” but, at the same time, the feeling of impatience and reminiscence will give way to the butterflies and tingling skin every time you think about that someone, and you’ll scream back”I will not give up”.

The patience constraint; There is a breaking point, that kink on mathematical curves you never really understood but knew it meant something. That is where your patience is being tested and your fight is at the peek of taking the wrong turn. If you are weak, the fight ends here, you cannot keep on waiting, you cannot keep on going. But if you are strong, it will outgrow you – getting over this stage will uplift your confidence and get you ready for the rest of the fight – “All in or all out”.

The fight ends at the equilibrium point; where curve Fight meets Patience, Mutual Feelings and Right Timing, and everything works out. But as we all know, that rarely happens, and as in mathematics, many equilibriums exist and these will reflect your personal best well-being in the aftermath of the fight. Does the outcome really make you happy? Was it worth it? You have conquered but are you willing to conquest? 

The answer lies within the mysteries of the world. Everyday, we fight for things that in the end may seem irrelevant, but don’t miss out on the chance to fight for something that might make your life complete. Better to fight for something than live for nothing.


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